Long Navaja Folding Knife

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Origin: France (For the Spanish Market)

Date: Early 20 C.


The Legendary Navaja folding knife  accompany Spanish men as from the 17 C. (and may be earlier) and until these very days. It is the Spaniard best friend: A utility knife, a survival knife,  a self defense weapon and an instrument to settle personal accounts.

The Navaja knife comes in multitude of sizes shapes and styles. It ranges from several cm to exagurated lengths of more than100 cm (fully opened).

The Navaja knife offered here is early 20C. probably made in France for the Spanish market. Long blade with clipped tip finely etched on both faces. Handle set with bone and Tortoise shell like panels and brass fittings.

Blade  9 inches (22 cm). Total length fully opened 18 inches (46 cm). Very good condition. Etching slightly worn

For further information on the Navaja knife see: Rafael Martinez del Peral Forton: “LA NAVAJA ESPANOLA ANTIGUA”.



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