Long Knife / Short Sword from Ivory Coast. May Be Baule.

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Origin: Baule (?) Ivory Coast

Date: First half of the 20 C.

This is a ceremonial long knife / short sword from west Africa. Possibly from the Ivory Coast. Unusual shape blade with the edge on the straight side engraved along the spine and in few other spots. Wood handle bound with tight leather strips and ending with a wide leather carrying belt. Whole leather scabbard with colored leather sectors in geometrical shapes.

Blade 17 inches long. Total length 23 inches. Very good condition. Authentic and rare. Most probably first half of the 20 C.

Exact Origin is not certain. May be Baule. The handle shape and construction as well as the leather scabbard suggest a Baule origin. (Thank you Wolf)
For a similar object see: Pitts River Museum Accession number: 1966.11.15 attributed to Nigeria



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