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Long Cretan Knife / Dagger

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Origin: Island of Crete

Date: Early 19 C.


The Cretan Dagger is the traditional knife made in the island of Crete and carried by most man and women  of the island. The shape of the Cretan dagger is quite unique although similarities to Ottoman knives can be observed. The Crete knife is of a single edged blade full tang hilt pair of grips, a V shaped pommel and a typical shell shaped bolster.  It finds use as a knife for personal self defense, for use in a battle, as a utility knife and much a ceremonial knife. Early typical Cretan daggers are found as from the 17 C. and may be even  earlier. The Cretan dagger became a major part of the Cretan culture and have been continuously manufactured since early times.

We offer for sale a Cretan knife from the early 19 C. or a bit earlier and of rather longer dimensions than usual. The single edged blade with a filed spine is decorated  with several gold inlaid forms may be styled Greek letters. Ivory grips and silver on pewter base bolsters and grip strap. Classical split V shaped pommel set with a turquoise stone. The wood scabbard is mounted with long beautifully chased silver mounts.

Blade length 15 inches (38 cm), much longer than the common 8-10 inches blades. Total length 21 inches (53 cm). Very good condition. Minor Ivory chip on the pommel side. Rare and authentic 19 C. Dagger



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