Long and Massive Qama Sword Dated 1309 (1891)

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Origin: Persia / Central Asia

Date: 1891

Very big Qama swords are found in the Persian arsenal in several Central Asian countries. In some reference book it is named Quadara. The functionality of these gigantic swords  is in question but as ceremonial swords they are indeed very impressive .

The monstrous Qama sword offered here has a massive long blade very well performed with triple centered fullers and with the center core patterned (welded or etched). Blade is marked with two clear marks read: Arush (اروش), probably the maker name. Massive horn grips set with brass and lead (?) inserts and nails.  Grips are secured to the tang with steel rivets and covered with silver domes. Engraved silver grip strap. Scabbard covered with the  original leather cover and mounted with large silver  locket and chape nicely engraved and inscribed: Salah Amiri (صالح اميري  ) and dated 1309 (1891 in the Gregorian Calendar).

Blade 26 inches long (66 cm) long 2 1/4 inchnes (6 cm) wide. Total length 33 inches (84 cm). To demonstrate the  dimensions it is shown below next to a more common 21 inches (51 cm) long Qama.

Very good condition.  The silver parts are low silver or white metal. The leather cover of the scabbard is lightly worn. Impressive 19C. Qajar Period Sword from Iran or from a Neighboring Central Asia country.

For a similar sword see: Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani ” Arms and Armor from Iran” Cat. 210 Page  581


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