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Large Turkish / Arab Khanjar Dagger

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: First half of the 19 C.


Ottoman Khanjar daggers are found all over the region. From the Balkan on the western borders, further east to the borders with Persia and south to the Arab peninsula.  All have some similarities  but differs in size, shape, materials and decorations.

The Khanjar offered here is a large version, . Huge 24 inches long. Curved and double edge d blade forged from watered steel (Wootz). Large size silver handle and a beautifully chased whole silver scabbard.

Blade 17 inches. Total length 24 inches. Very good condition. Very minor dents on the silver.

As for the exact origin of this khanjar, although the silver chased technique is Turkish, the long blade without a central rib and the triangular shaped pommel suggest a strong Arab style and remind the Sabiki long dagger from Arabia. May be a special order made for a wealthy Arab from the peninsula.

An impressive authentic 19 C. artifact.



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