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Large Tibetan Drinking Horn

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Origin: Tibet

Date: Late 19 C.


Not exactly a weapon but a fine example of Tibetan works of art employing Yak horn mounted with finely  chased metals. It is used to hold the  Chaang a Tibetan beer brewed from barley, and especially popular amongst men warriors and hunters. Sometimes mistakenly described as large powder horn.

The Chaang drinking horn has two distinctive shapes. The common one with  a simple mouth for drinking. The rarer style has a ball shaped head that holds the plug that seals the horn.

The exemplar  offered here is of the scarce form. A large and wide Yak horn of honey color, mounted with finely chased brass mounts and a ball shaped head. Three brass rings connected with the original heavy fabric carrying belt and plug holder.

Height 15 1/2 inches (40 cm). Horn max. width 6 inches (15 cm). Very good condition. The wood plug on the top half of the ball is a later restoration.  Authentic and rare 19 C. horn



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