Large Size Onzil Bird shaped Knife of the Kota

Kota Bird Shaped Knife

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Origin: Gabon

Date: First half of the 20th C.

This is an Onzil, but mistakenly these knives are called Throwing Knives, although they were never meant to be used as a weapon. They are mostly ceremonial and also used in certain religious processions . The shape of the blade is in the style of the Hornbill head, a bird much admired in Africa, hence the usual title “bird head knife”. Most probably originated by the Kota people from Gabon and later adopted by the Fang and other neighboring tribes.

This exemplar is of large dimensions: 13 inches long, 4 inches wide blade. With a single triangular “eye”. Wood handle bound with brass strips. Conical copper covered pommel (Later). Good condition. Minor losses and small damage to the brass strips on the handle. nicks on the blade.

For a similar axe see: Peter Westerdijk, “AFRICAN METAL IMPLEMENTS, WEAPON, TOOLS AND REGALIA” page 23, 80


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