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Large Ottoman Qama Short Sword with Corals

Large Ottoman Qama Short Sword

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Origin: Turkey, Ottoman empire

Date: mid 19 C.


Use of coral stones in the art of the Ottoman empire was a common practice. Specifically the use of ribbed eye drop shaped corals stones in the decoration of swords daggers and fire arms. It is commonly found on Khanjar daggers and on handles of Yataghan swords.

We offer for sale a fine Ottoman Qama short sword richly decorated with coral stones. Double edged fullered blade signed with a maker stamp. Gilded silver handle set with many eye drop shaped ribbed coral stones. Silver covered scabbard with gilded top also set with ribbed coral stones and gilded chape. All together more than 150 corals stones are set on this sword. A fine and rare mid 19 C. sword.Blade 16 inches. Total 24 inches. Very good condition. Minor dents on the silver cover of the scabbard.

For a similar Qama short sword see: The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Accession Number: 36.25.717 from George C. Stones collection. (It is described as a Transcaucasian dagger but we believe it is Ottoman).

Also see: George C. Stone, The Glossary… , Page 518, Fig. 661, items 2 and 3.

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