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Large Ottoman Khanjar Dagger from the Balkan Region

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Origin: Balkan

Date: 19 C.


Ottoman Khanjar daggers are found all over the region but especially in the Balkan on the western borders of the empire and further east to the borders with Persia. All have some similarities  but differs in size, shape, materials and decorations.

The Khanjar offered here is of larger dimensions than usual. Huge 22 inches long. Compared to the more common 16 inches Khanjars. Curved and double edged blade with a central rib, most probably forged from sham steel. Large size brass handle and brass scabbard. The brass band on the scabbard mouth is sculptured in the shape of standard emblem of the Ottoman military forces: A sword, a bow and a quiver with arrows.

Blade 14 inches. Total length 22 inches. Very good condition. All brass parts are very nicely and evenly patinated. Untouched age patina.

The large “I” shaped handle with extensions on the pommel and the cross guard tips  are sometimes identified as of Albanian origin. May be. But definitely from the Balkan region of the Ottoman empire.  An impressive authentic 19 C. artifact.



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