Large Moroccan Powder Horn Complete with Belt and Bullet Pouches

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Origin: Morocco

Date: Late 19 - early 20C.


This Moroccan powder horn is made of black horn mounted with chased and engraved brass mounts. It comes also with thick red baldric belt. Two very unusual leather pouches are connected to the belt. These pouches includes many small pockets, most probably to carry bullets.  The leather pouches are finely embroidered with colored leather strips.

Rather large horn. 15 inches (38 cm) long. Belt length 41 inches (104 cm). Very good condition. Small hole and few beetles bites. Losses to one of the leather pouches.

Good unusual set not commonly found. Late 19 – Early 20 C.

For a similar item see: Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 36.25.2389



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