Large and massive 18 C. Sousson Pata Sword – Rajasthan, India.

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Origin: Rajasthan, India

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


Sousson Pata is a name given to a class of Indian swords with  down curving blade, similar to  the Turkish Yataghan blade,  probably both share the same old father – The Greek Kopis. The blade as well as the hilt has many variation in shape and dimensions. Sousson Pata  with the heavy wide blade with the weight concentrated at the far third of its length may be the closest relative to the old Kopis.

This is the case with the Sousson Pata sword offered here. Massive blade with fullered spine and long back edge at the tip. Gold inlay decoration Mogul style on both faces of the blade. Large Tulwar style steel handle. Velvet covered wood scabbard with steel chape.

Blade 28 inches (71 cm). Total length 34 1/2 inches (89 cm) Very good condition. Losses to the gold inlay and to the gilding of the chape. The velvet cover is a later replacement.



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