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Knife / Machete from the Cocos / Keeling Island

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Origin: Cocos / Keeling Island

Date: 20C.


Very uncommon knife / Machete  that is coming from Keeling Cocos island. The Keeling Cocos Island is situated in the middle of the Indian ocean half way between Australia and Sri Lanka.  The Cocos Islands knives  are an  hybrid of  Malay, Southern Asian, and British/Australian influences.

Wide blade with a notch that reminds the notch on Khukuri knives. Wood handle with brass collar and wood scabbard. Simple but elegant shape and most probably very efficient for agricultural and household tasks.

his is a relatively late exemplar, second half of the 20C. Posted here as it is not so common on the trade. Blade 11 inches long 2 3/4 inches wide. Total length 17 1/2 inches. Very good condition.



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