Kamar Ammunition Belt from Afghanistan

Ammunition Belt

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Origin: Afghanistan

Date: 19 C.

The leather ammunition belt known as “Kamar” is common in Afghanistan as well as in the bordering regions in North India and Pakistan. The name ‘Kamar’ derived from the word Kami, which is the term for a cartridge pouch. Although basically all the Afghan ammunition belt are based on similar heavy leather belt and leather pouches, there is a big variety in the ample of accessories added and in the decorations. Every accessory for the Afghan warrior may be hanged on the belt: Bullet pouches, Powder flasks, Steel strikers to set fire, knives and or daggers etc. These type of ammunition belts are in use in Afghanistan from early 18 C. when muzzle loaded guns became popular.

The ammunition belt offered here includes two pouches for bullets and/or other accessories, a steel striker to set fire a steel flask for priming powder and a steel hook to hang other accessories. The belt is made from heavy leather and beautifully decorated with sawed and pierced steel mounts (see the note below).

Total length 36 inches. The flask for priming powder is 10 inches long. Very good condition.

It should be noted that the pierced and sawn steel plate is a very old Persian decoration technique. it is employed on many metal (mostly steel) artifacts from as early as the 14 C. The piercing and sawing decoration on these pouches is very much a Persian.


Several similar belts from G.C. Stone collection are in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. See for example item number 36.25.2448a–d
A very similar example is also illustrated in Anthony Tirri’s “Islamic Weapons, Maghrib to Moghul”, Fig. 186.


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