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Jafle Jambiya Dagger from the Tihama Region – Yemen

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Origin: Tihama, Yemen

Date: Early 20C.


The name Tihama means “Hot earth” is one of the hottest places on earth. men in this region on the western coast line of Yemen prefer to use  light Jambiya daggers without the heavy scabbards and the  wide belts.  These style of Jambiyas is known as  Jafle.  Simple  and light dagger with wood scabbard covered with leather or fabric without belts.

A Classical Jafle Jambiya dagger is offered here: Wide blade with a pronounced central rib. R horn handle with minimal silver mounts. Wood scabbard covered with fabric and mounted with a small silver chape.

Blade 8 inches (20 cm). Total length 13 inches (33 cm). Very good condition. Scabbard fabric cover and the silver chape are later addition. Authentic blade and handle, early 20 C.

See also: Stephen Gracie: “JAMBIYA DAGGERS FROM THE ANCIENT SOUKS OF YEMEN” Second addition page 134


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