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Fine Ottoman Dagger with Jade handle dated 1267 (1850)

Ottoman Dagger with Jade handle

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Origin: Turkey

Date: 18th - 19th Century


A fine Ottoman / Turkish dagger, double edged early blade (may be 18C.) forged from watered steel (wootz) of good high contrast pattern. Beautiful green Jade handle with silver collar. Engraved silver mounted scabbard dated 1267 in the Islamic calendar ( 1850 in the Gregorian calendar). Very good condition. Blade 10 inches.

It should be noted that the dagger bears some classical European features, like the straight double edge blade and the cross guard with down curving and spiral quillons. Both are not very common on Turkish blades from the period. It may be a possibility that this dagger was made for the European market to supply the demand for Asian and oriental Arts in the second half of the 19 C in Western Europe.



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