Indian Rajput Hunting Tulwar Sword

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Origin: Rajasthan, India

Date: Late 19C.


Indian Hunting sword is the common name given to Tulwar or Shamshir swords with the blade very richly decorated with wild animals and hunting scenes. Rajput and Mughal painted hunting scenes depict royalty and nobility wielding swords while pursuing prey on horseback.

Such hunting scene is depicted on the exemplar  shown here. Numerous wild animal: Tigers, elephants, leopard and antelopes chiseled in low-relief decoration on both sides, running the entire  length of the blade. Of special artistic values is the steel handle  richly inlaid with gold in floral patterns.

Origin: Probably Rajasthan, Late 19 C. Blade 30 inches with a 10 inches false edge. Total length 35 1/2 inches. Fine condition. No scabbard.

For a nice exemplar of Indian hunting sword see the Met museum NY Accession Number: 36.25.1506a, b




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