Indian Pesh Kabz Converted to an Afghan Dagger

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In Afghanistan in the late 19th and early 20 C.  interesting “hybrids” were made.  Imported blades from neighboring countries mounted with typical local handles and scabbards. Choora knives with Kard blades and Khanjar blade as well as others (see below).

We offer  here an outstanding hybrid dagger composed of an Indian Pesh Kabz blade and typical Afghan handle and scabbard. The blade is forged from good crucible steel (Wootz) richly inlaid with gold koftgari floral decoration and the Mogul “umbrella” mark. The I grips are mounted with thick silver collar and grip strap and heavy silver D guard in a typical Afghan style. Whole silver scabbard on the original wood frame with birds engraving.

Blade 10 1/2 inches ()27 cm). Total length 14 1/2 inches  (37 cm). Very good condition. Minimal losses to the gold inlay. Minimal forging flaws. Interesting unusual hybrid dagger. 18 C. blade with 19 C. mounts.

Dmitry Miloserdov:  Private correspondence.


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