Important Silver Mounted Kaskara Sword with Good Provenance

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Origin: Sudan

Date: late 19 C.

Early Arab swords had straight wide blade. This version survived well into the 20th C. in its straight wide form in the Sudanese sword the  Kaskara.  Earlier Kaskara swords were equipped with imported European blades. Local made blade appeared later and are  very common  these days.

The blade of this Sudanese  silver mounted Kaskara is of  European origin,  broad double-edged with a central fuller. Etched calligraphic panels with the name and invocations to the Prophet Mohammed and celestial motifs on each face of the blade. A styled image of the “wolf of Solingen and Passau” is etched on the blade in order to increase the blade importance.  Steel cross-guard, large silver filigree pommel, and embossed silver grip, Tooled leather scabbard with silver chape and two large silver rings for suspension

Blade 35 inches. Total length 43 inches. Very good condition.

Provenance: This sword is shown in the booklet of Anthony North “Victoria and Albert Museum Islamic Weapons”  Page.30 Fig 23a. Most probably from the private collection of A. North.
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