Hwi – Ceremonial Sword of the Fon people from Benin (Dahomey)

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Origin: Benin (Dahomey)

Date: Early 20C.

The Fon people are the largest group of Benin ethnic people. Their history and kingdom dynasties go back to the 13 C. The Fon are animist people  and primarily involved in agriculture. They are famous for the production of wood statues which also represent their animist belief. Many of the Fon gods are symbolized  as animals  and this is clearly represented in the morphological characteristics of their sword, daggers and other objects.

Dahomey ceremonial swords are also known as Hwi. Although they could have been used for battle the Hwi it is primarily a ceremonial  sword. The blades are commonly engraved and pierced with mythological or legendary creatures.

The Hwi sword offered here is early 20 C. Classical blade engraved with geometrical design  and the widened tip is pierced in a shape f a lion. Handle with European characteristics, wood grip, steel mounts and D guard.

Blade 19 inches (48 cm). Total length 24 inches (61 cm). Very good condition

For a similar sword see Christopher Spring “African Arms and Armor” Page 67 Fig 57


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