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Heavy Short Sword from Bhutan

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Origin: Bhutan

Date: Early 20 C.

This heavy short sword is coming from Bhutan, Early 20C. The blade of classical shape of Bhutanese blades: Heavy, single edged with straight spine  and up- rounded tip. The handle is also massive, bound  for about half of the handle length with twisted silver wire ending with long fluted silver pommel. The scabbard is bound with animal skin for half of its length (Original section) and red skin on the other half (may be a later replacement). Both skin covers are set with long chased brass dragons (?) and a monster face panel. Silver locket and a long silver chape.

Blade length16 inches (41 cm). Total length 22 1/2 inches (57 cm). Vewry good condition. Old traces of grinding on small areas of the blade. Authentic and scarce sword.


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