Heavy 18 C. Kattar Dagger, Kishangargh State, Rajasthan

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Origin: Kishangargh State, Rajasthan

Date: Late 18 C.


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The Kattar push dagger is one of the most common and known blades of the Indian arsenal. It comes in endless number of sizes, shapes , styles, decoration and quality. It is probably coming from the Deccan 15 C.  and spread all over the subcontinent, produced well into the 20C.

The large kattar offered here is 18 C. from Rajasthan, India. Massive blade forged from crucible steel (Wootz) in the pattern known as crystalline, a pattern that was common in this part of the world. Wide shallow fullers with a central rib and reinforced edges. The blade tip is thickened to allow armor piercing. One of the fullers is etched with an inscription: Ra Ki Poh 11 a common armory mark in Kishangargh State, Rajasthan (Thanks Tony). The wide handle side bars are and the cross guards are deeply chiseled in a floral pattern. The background is black enameled or black pasted to emphasize the floral pattern. The chiseling on the inner and outer faces of the side bars are of different pattern which add greatly to the style.

Blade is 9 1/2 inches (24 cm) long. Total length 17 1/2  inches (45 cm). Very good condition. Fine dagger. Late 18 C.

Important note: The steel pattern is not seen as the blade was not polished in order not to harm the inscription.

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