Handyman Khukuri with Antler Horns Handles

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Origin: Nepal

Date: First half of the 20 C.


Early 20 C. Khukuri Knife / Dagger from Nepal that comes with several   accessories. These types of Khukuri, also known as Trousse Khukuri  were used by villages handymen to perform all kind of small repair jobs and may be also local  medical treatment.

Very good blade with ridged spine. Steel bolsters. Large antler horn handle.  All the  small accessories also come with antler horn handles. Classical leather covered scabbard with iron chape.

The use of antler horn for handle is  not commonly seen on old Khukuries but we have seen such  handles on the accompanying  knives (Karda and Chakama).  It is however extensively used on modern made Khukuries.

Blade length 13 inches. Total length (in scabbard) 22 inches. very good condition. Several handles of the accompanying tools are later replacement. The scabbard tip is restored. Minor losses to the scabbard leather



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