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Good Balato (Belatu) Fighting Sword of the Nias people

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Origin: Nias Island , Indonesia

Date: Late 19 - early 20C.


The people of the island of Nias located west of  North Sumatra uses the Balato sword, both as a fighting sword and a ceremonial dance sword. The Balato comes in variety of blade shape and decoration style. The fighting sword are simpler and less decorated but much more functional.

We offer for sale this fighting Balato sword. Blade with straight spine, very slightly widening with a clipped spine toward the tip. The grip is Buffalo horn with cylindrical brass collar and with the pommel shaped  like a styled Lasara ( Mythical monster). Wood scabbard bound with many plaited rattan bands (One missing).

Blade 201/2 inches with a short 3 inches ricasso. Total length 27 inches. Very good condition. Lightly blackened blade, no pitting and with minor edge nicks/ Good fighting sword. late 19 or early 20 C.

For a similar sword see A Zonneveld: “Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago” page 29, fig 37.


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