Giant Zulu Knobkerrie Club

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Origin: South Africa

Date: Early 20C.


Knobkerries were an indispensable weapon of war in Africa and widely used in the continent from east Africa to South Africa, not only as a weapon but also as a symbol of status. Knobkerries of the Zulu people is characterized by symmetrical head shape almost a perfect sphere. The diameter of the common knobkerrie head is 2-2/12 inches (5 -6 cm).

The knobekerrie offered here is of exceptional size. The diameter of the almost perfect ball shaped head is 4 1/2 inches (11 cm) carved with the haft from a single piece of two colors hardwood. the total length us 21 1/2 inches (33 cm). Weight  next to 900 grams. All in very good condition with an old homogenous patina. Old and authentic. Early 20 C.



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