Fine Whole Steel , Gold Inlaid Indian ANKUS (Elephant Goad)

15331 Category:

Origin: India

Date: 1800


The  Ankus ( elephant goad) is the  tool used by by mahout  (Elephant rider and trainer) in the handling and training of elephants. It is known from very early times, 7th C. and may be earlier. It is composed of a long handle ending in a forward spike and a side curved hook. Shapes, construction materials and quality varies greatly. Although it is not a pure weapon, it is always attached to Indian arms and armor  sectors in Museum and in private collections. It also finds extended use as a ceremonial item displayed in parades and other important events.

The Ankus offered here  is a high quality exemplar, made entirely of steel and richly decorated with gold inlay work. Hollow haft with  6 steel small bells inside, free to move and ring when the Ankus is in use.

Length 23 inches. Authentic item dated early 19th C. Very good condition. Minor losses to the gold inlay.

For a similar item see: National Army Museum, Chelsea London UK Accession Number NAM. 1952-05-7-1


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