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Fine Whole Silver Abdi Jambiya Dagger

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Origin: Yemen

Date: Early 20C.


The endless variety of styles and shapes of the Yemenite Jambiya dagger invites also some outstanding and unusual finds. From the Tihama, the coastal area on the red sea shores. comes this Abdi Jambiya dagger. Fine whole silver handle with extended pommel sides and pyramidal shaped silver protrusions, thickly decorated with filigree work. Heavy silver scabbard with long curved uprising silver tip, also heavily decorated with filigree work.

Well made blade with a central rib 7 1/2 inches long. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition. Minor repairs on the handle. The leather cover on the backside is later. Early 20 C.

This type of handle is attributed to Jazan, a border city between  Saudi Arabia  and Yemen in the Tihama.



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