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Fine Whole Silver Abdi Jambiya Dagger from Hadhramout

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Origin: Hadhramout, Yemen

Date: 1948


The endless variety of styles and shapes of the Yemenite Jambiya dagger  invites also some very good  finds like this Abdi style Jambiya coming from Hadhramout region in South Yemen.

The name Abdi is given to many styles with the whole silver scabbards and high raising scabbard end with large Thum (Garlic) tip. This style comes to a very fine expression in the Jambiya offered here.  Heavy silver scabbard with long curved uprising silver tip. Dated and engraved with the maker name and praises to the holder. The inscription on the scabbard says:

شغل محمد سعيد العاري  (The work of Muhamed Said El- Ahri )


ملبوس العافية لمولاه

تاريخ ١٢ ربيع أول سنة ١٣٦٨ ( Health to its owner and bearer, month of Awal 1368).

The date 1368 in the Hijra Calendar is 1948 in the Gregorian calendar

Very well made and solid blade with a central rib. Horn handle  with bulbous pommel set with silver plaques and rondels. The pommel shape is typical to Hadhramout made daggers.

Blade  8 inches long 2 1/4 inches wide.  Total length 12 1/2  inches. Very good condition. The leather strips binding the back side cover are  later.

For a very similar Abdi Jambiya see: Stephen Gracie ” Jambiya Daggers from the Ancient Souqs of Yemen” page 141 Fig 3.1



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