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Fine Vietnamese Saber Guom

Vietnamese Saber Guom

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Origin: Vietnam

Date: Early 20C.


The Vietnamese Guom saber, as well as the Kiem straight sword its sister, are basically ceremonial swords carried by officers of the Nguyen dynasty ruling in Vietnam 1802 – 1945. As such they are lavishly decorated and most workmanship invested in the artistic aspects of the sword. Many decorative arts techniques are hence used to decorate these swords. The blades being of less importance; and so is their quality.

Neighboring China influence is clearly seen in the art work of these swords in the decoration techniques and symbols.

The blade of the Guom offered here is single edged grooved and slightly curved. The hilt is composed of ivory grip a brass animal head pommel and brass cross guard and D guard. The scabbard is dark colored wood with chased brass fittings, beautifully inlaid in an intricate pattern of Mother of Pearl.
Blade 26 inches long Total length 36 1/2 inches. Authentic sword, early 20th C.



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