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Fine Small Keris Dagger with Hippo Tusks Mounts, Sumatra

Sumatra Keris with Hippo Tusk Mounts

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Origin: Sumatra. Indonesia

Date: 1900


This exceptional keris dagger is coming from Sumatra. Small size but of exceptional construction and materials. Slightly curved blade with a flat diamond cross section. Selut (Mendak) is made of Suasa (alloy of copper, gold and silver). In the Indonesian and Malayan cultures the Suassa is considered as a protection from bad luck and evil, hence it is used in higher quality swords and daggers mounts. Handle with a representation of the “faceless king” and scabbard mounts, – wrangka and scabbard tip, are carved from Hippo (Hippopotamus) tusks.

Blade 10 inches, total 15 inches. Very good condition.

Please note that the blade was broken and re welded by the previous owner.



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