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Fine Small Curved Knife – May be Sumatra

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Origin: Sumatar

Date: Early 20 C.


We are not sure as for the origin and use of this knife. But it is certainly a fine piece of work

Curved blade 4 inches long with shallow fuller edged on the inner curve. Blade nicely and evenly patinated. Both handle and scabbard are carefully carved from Tortoise shell with I mounts, and produce an arc of perfect symmetry. Total length 10 inches. Very good condition. very minor blackened spot on the blade.

We are not certain about the origin of this unusual knife. The shape and material suggest Malaya or Indonesia but not the exact origin. Some similarity to the very common Korambit curved knife from Sumatra, see below.

For a somewhat similar knife see: Metropolitan Museum of Arts, NY Accession Number: 36.25.873a, b (From G.C. Stone collection)


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