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Fine Siraui Dagger from Sumatra

Siraui Knife

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Origin: Sumatra

Date: 19C.


The Siraui is a rare knife of the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra. It is of somewhat peculiar shape: A sturdy curved blade with the edge on the concave side and with the handle follows the curvature of the blade. The scabbard is made from a single piece of wood carved to the shape of the blade.

The Siraui offered here is of outstanding blade. Massive, very well made with deep fullers and ridges and with nicely carved spine. The handle is a carved from a single piece of black water buffalo horn. Scabbard as expected is made from a single piece of wood very accurately carved to fit the blade shape and curvature.

Blade 9 inches, total 12 1/2 inches. next to perfect condition.

For a very similar Siraui see the W. O. Oldman CATALOG OF ETHNOGRAPHICAL SPECIMENS (1976 reprint of the 1904 original edition), No 119 Vol X item 36. May very well be the same knife


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