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Fine Sewar Knife, Sumatra with Early Blade

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Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Date: 19 C.


The Sewar knife / dagger from Sumatra has quite a characteristic shape of slightly down curving blade and a typical protrusion below the scabbard mouth. Somewhat similar knives from the  same area with different  names  (Bade Bade and Tumbok Lada to mention two) may cause confusion as for the exact identification.

The Sewar offered here  show the classical characteristic shape and dimension: Slightly down curving pamor blade with thickened base widening to a larger bolster. Horn handle partially covered with finely delicate chase work of gilded silver. Wood scabbard with typical long extending protrusion. The scabbard is bound with many silver rings and the scabbard mouth is also covered with finely chased and gilded silver.

Blade 10 inches. Total length 14 inches. Good condition. Very minor loss tyo the gilded silver. On the  blade there are  earlier  criss-cross scratches typical for gold koftgari decoration. Now  erased. Early blade, may be early 19 C. scabbard and mounts around 1900. Authentic unusual  Sumatran knife.

Provenance: IFICAH International Foundation of Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage, Hollenstedt (Germany)


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