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Fine Saidi Khanjar, Oman

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Origin: Oman

Date: Early 20C.


The Omani Khanjar known as “Saidi” or “Royal” style is  the most sought after of all Omani Khanjars  and certainly deserves the respect. The tale is that the Persian wife of Sayyid Said bin Sultan was bored with the classical shape of the Omani Khanjar and designed this attractive style s a present to her husband. Hence the “Royal” title. The general “L” shaped scabbard and the twisted wires belt attachment is kept Omani,  however the handle and grip, usually silver or rhino horn,   are highly decorated with filigree silver panels and inserts.

The exemplar exhibited here has a curved and dual edge blade with a central rib. The hilt is silver set with the classical Saidi silver filigree panels and six small gold panels. The 7 ringer  scabbard is covered with fabric and mounted with filigree silver locket and chape.

Blade 7 inches 18 Cm). Total length is 13  inches (33 cm). Good condition. Minor losses to the fabric cover. Authentic and rare. early 20 C. Khmjar

See also: Jehan S. Rajab, “Silver Jewellery of  Oman” Fig 51 Page 45


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