Fine Pichaq Kard from Bukhara

Pichaq Kard from Bukhara

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Origin: Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Date: Early - mid 19 C.


Knives from Bukhara (and Uzbekistan in general) takes form of similar blades from both the Persian and the Indian arsenal. However, a specific shape of knife, also known as “Pichaq” is very typical to Bukhara. It is characterized by a slightly up-curving blade with a thin fuller just below the spine. Usually forged from high quality steel. Also typical is the extensive use of Turquoise stones in decoration.

The Pichaq shown here exhibit these features. A watered (wootz) steel blade 10 inches long and a massive single piece of walrus ivory grip with a ring of turquoise stone set between the grip and the bolsters. Silver bolsters. Total length 15 inches. Very good condition. Very good age patina on the grip. No scabbard. A fine and rare item.

See also: “Uzbekistan, Heirs to the Silk Road” page 183 fig. 341



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