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Fine Paiwan Long Knife – Taiwan

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Origin: Taiwan

Date: Late 19 C.


The Paiwan people from the southeastern island of Taiwan use a long knife also known as  Tjakit. These knives are usually of high quality and workmanship and were worn  by persons of high status in the community.

The Tjakit knives are typically of long straight or slightly curved blade held in a richly decorated. open side wood scabbard

The knife offered here features a narrow straight blade with an oblique tip,  longer than usual. Wood handle set with multitude of small steel domes mounted on mother of pearl disks. The scabbard is made  of a single piece of wood open on one side covered with a pierced brass plate. The back side on the scabbard is painted red and set with multiple pierced brass medallion set with small steel domes.

Blade length 19 1/2 inches. Total length 26 1/2  inches. Very good plus condition. Authentic and rare Late 19 – early 20 C. knife.

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