Fine Pair of Spiked Spurs, 19C. North Africa Description:

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Origin: Morocco, Algier

Date: Second half of the 19 C.


The spiked spurs that were used in most of the Islamic world evolved directly from late Antique examples. A long spike welded to a U shaped steel arc with loops for the leather or heavy fabric straps securing the spurs to the rider boots. Although it looks horrifying for the horse, the spikes were not used to drive the horse. Arabs as well as other Islamic warriors had pride with their horse and respected it and would not dare to wound it with a 5 inches steel pike. It was used more as part as the horse adornment together with the other saddle and bridle parts.

This pair of spurs is from North Africa, Morocco or Algiers, mid – 19C. 10 inches long with a large 6 inches spikes richly inlaid with silver. This pair of spurs comes with its original leather and fabric straps. Deep brown velvet cover decorated with gold colored wires, Very good condition.

A similar pair of spiked spurs is in the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Accession Number: 36.25.546a, b
Also see: G.C Stone glossary, P 583, Fig 752 items 1-4


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