Fine Moroccan Koumaya Dagger

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Origin: Morocco

Date: First quarter of the 20th C.


Classical high quality Moroccan Koumaya dagger. Double edged blade at its lower half  and single edged at the top.  The blade is marked with three  NAPOLEON  III EMPEREUR marks.  The handle is carved from a single piece of R horn. The pommel head (known as peacock tail style) and the scabbard are made of heavy silver, engraved and chased in a classical Moroccan design. This Koumaya comes with very fine cotton black baldric belt.

Blade 9 inches (23 cm) long, total length 16 1/2 inches (40 cm). Very good condition. The grip collar is a later replacement. Fine authentic and rare koumaya.  First quarter of the 20th C.



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