Fine Moroccan Genoui Short Sword dated to 1296 (1879)

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Origin: Morocco

Date: 1296 (1879)


The Genoui from Morocco is a straight short sword some time nicknamed “The straight variation of the Koumaya”. The name literally means from Genoa, probably to indicate its ancient origin. It is characterized by the straight blade which in most cases is a secondary use of a European military sword. Handle and scabbard fitting as well as the carrying baldric belt are indeed similar to those found on the Koumaya daggers. In many cases the Genoui short sword is confused with the Jiboula or S’ibola,  similar short swords from the area and of some similarities.

The fine Genoui short sword offered here is dated to 1296 (1879)  in the Gregorian calendar). Classical lightly curved re-used military blade and massive one piece R horn handle. The handle  mounts and the scabbard locket and chape are made from heavy silver chased in classical Moroccan decoration style and a central silver band set with orange stone, may be carnelian. All silver parts are proofed and dated …296, standing to 1296 (1879). This Genoui comes with its original cotton baldric belt.

Blade 21 1/2 inches (54 cm). Total lengfth 26 1/2 inches (67 cm). Very good condition. Minor beetle bytes on the back face of the horn handle.

For further information on this type of swords see: Eric Claude ” The Small Catalog of Moroccan and Algerian Edged Weapons” pages 81-99



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