Fine Mogul Indian Tabarzin (Saddle Axe)

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Origin: India

Date: Mid 19 C.

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Saddle axes were part of the horsemen from Early Islamic times. Originated in Persia around the 14 C., spread to the entire Islamic world and kept in use of the cavalry until the end of the 19 C.

The Blade of the Tabarzin offered here is of classical trapezoidal shape, heavy (probably watered) steel, richly and densely inlaid with gold koftgari decoration on all sides. Wood haft with the original leather cover and two long chased silver mounts.

Blade length 5 inches (12.5 cm) blade width 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) total length 24 inches ( 61 cm). Very good condition. Gold inlay 98% intact with only few erased spots. The silver mounts are nicely patinated.

The gold inlay style and the use of long silver mounts suggest an Indian origin, Probably Mogul, North India, mid 19 C.

For furhter discussion on the Tabrzin origin and spread see: “Islamic Arms and Armor” Edited by Robert Elgood. Page 116: ” The Tabarzins of Lotf’ali”

See also: V & A Museum London, accession number 3312(IS)

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