Fine Korambi Sickle Dagger

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Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia

Date: Mid 19 C.


The “Korambi” Also known as “Korambit” and/or “Lawi Ayam” is a small crescent shaped knife with heavy blade and short handle that continue the curvature of the blade. Common in Sumatra but also found in Java and Sulawesi. The blade is sharpened on the inner side of the curvature. The Korambi is held with the blade pointing upward to allow an upward strike.

The fine exemplar shown here has a short deeply curved blade with ridged spine. Silver bolster and Ivory grip. Polished bicolor wood scabbard  opened at the top to allow easy withdraw of the blade. Silver  chape.

Blade 4 inches long. Total length 6 1/ inches. Very good condition. Very minor blackened spots on the blade. Minor age cracks on the grip. Sumatra, mid – late 19C.

Provenance: Louis Constant Westenenk (1872-1930) served as a high ranked government official in the Dutch East Indies. By descent through the family.


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