Fine Knife from the Canary Islands, Spain

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Origin: Canary islands

Date: mid - late 19 C.


Knives from the Canary islands has a very typical shape: Single edge triangular shaped blade, grip in the shape of two inverted conical  halves leather or metal scabbard. Quality and materials vary.

The knife offered here is from the higher class of knives of the islands: Engraved blade inlaid with chiseled brass strip. Typical shaped whole brass handle and bolster. Whole brass scabbard tightly fits the blade, entirely chiseled and  engraved.

Blade 8 inches (20 cm) long with a 5inches (12 cm) back edge. Total length 13 inches (33 cm). Very good condition. Minor signs of use on the blade with a small area of forge fault. A fine and rare 19 C. authentic item.




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