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Fine Kindjal Dagger Dated 1331 (1912)

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This fine kindjal dagger is coming from either Dagestan or Chechnya. Finely forged blade with asymmetrical central groove. The blade is marked عمل رمضان (Literally translated work of Ramadan) on one side and ١٣٣١ ( 1331 in the Islamic calendar – 1921 in the Gregorian calendar) on the other side. Original blackening of the blade edges. The grip is solid piece of walrus with two rivets holding the blade set with conical high rise buttons inlaid with gold decoration. Original wood scabbard covered with original black leather ending with a silver ball with gold inlay decoration. The steel band for holding the belt is also heavily decorated with gold inlay on the front side and gold inscription on the rear side reading صاحبه عبد الله (Abdullah the owner). A backside compartment to hold a by knife (Missing).

Blade length 15 1/2 inches (40 cm). Total length 22 inches (55 cm) Very good condition. Minor blackened spots on the blade. Back accompanied knife is missing.  Fine and authentic Kindjal. The Arabic inscription and numbers suggest Chechnya or Dagestan origin.


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