Fine Hungarian Magnate Sword

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Origin: Hungary

Date: mid - late 19 C.

Magnate is a high rank of nobility in Hungary, hence Magnate sword is the title given to high quality richly decorated swords, supposedly carried by members of the house of Magnate in Hungary.

The sword offered here can rightfully titled Magnate sword. Late 19 C.. Finely forged wide fullered blade. Gilded silver handle with delicate filigree work on the front face and finely chased and engraved gilded silver back face. Chiseled gilded silver cross guard. The scabbard mounts  are also decorated with fine filigree work. All silver mounts are set with blue and green stones as well as small white pearls.

Blade 27 inches (67 cm)  long.  Total length 34 inches (87 cm). Very good condition. Few stones are missing.

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