Fine Heavy Spear from Tanzania, Africa

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Origin: Tanzania, Africa

Date: Early 20 C.


Spears from Africa are not easy to identify and to date. The variety is endless. Quality changes. With all due respect to African blade smiths and blacksmiths, most of African spears are of low or average quality. Some however present excellent construction and workmanship. So is the exemplar shown below.

This large spear comes from Tanzania and it is attributed to the Wahehe people (also known as Hehe or Hehet). A tribe of fierce warriors who successfully fought the German military colonization expedition in the 19 C.

Heavy blade, very well made with a flat hollow ground diamond cross section. Thick tang set in a polished wood haft and bound with nicely tooled leather. Steel tip.

Blade 20 inches. Total length 57 inches. Very good plus condition. Nice homogenous patina on the blade, no pitting. Fine and impressive spear. Early 20 C.

p.s: Thanks to Wolf Dieter Miersch who helped in the identification. Similar spears are found on his superb site:


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