Fine Gilded Indo-Arab Jambiya made for a Youngster

Indo-Arab Jambiya Dagger

Origin: Central India

Date: 19C.


The demand for high quality Jambiya daggers in Arabia brought Arab dealers to look for such in the bigger and better regarded blade making places. Mostly in Turkey and/or India. In India, specifically in Hyderabad many such daggers were produced for the high class Arab customers. The results are also known as Indo-Arab Jambiya, a class of its own. It is a fine mix of Arab and Indian styles of weaponry and decoration. The shape is of a classical Arab style where as the materials and decoration is classical 19C. Indian.

The exemplar shown here is a small dagger, most probably made for a youngster . Blade quality is very good: Curved and double edged with a pronounced central rib. The handle and scabbard are finely chased gilded copper with intricate floral design and with a high rising globular tip of the scabbard, also known as Thum. Blade length 5 inches. Total 9 inches. Very good condition.



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