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Fine Georgian Qama Dagger with Pattern Welded Blade

Georgian Qama Dagger

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Origin: Georgia

Date: First quarter of the 19 C.


The best of Georgian Qama daggers are those with a pattern welded steel blades. The core of the blade is pattern welded steel forge welded between high carbon steel edges. Beside strength to the blade, it is also considered a fine decoration of the steel. Producing such steel blades require talent and experience and only the best blade smiths could produce it.

The blade of this fine exemplar employing this technique. Double fullered, signed by the maker. Walrus ivory handle set with gilded rosettes decorated with small turquoise stones. Fabric covered scabbard with engraved and nielloed mounts also set with turquoise stones. A side knife with walrus ivory handle is housed in a compartment on the back of the scabbard.

The decoration and the use of the turquoise stones suggest a Georgian origin first half of the 19C. A Georgian Qama dagger with a similar decoration in the Hermitage collection, inventory number 3003, is attributed to Tiflis 1823 – 1829. (Y.A. Miller see below)

Blade 13 inches. Total length 18 inches. Very good condition. The fabric cover of the scabbard and the back compartment for the accompanied knife are slightly worn.

Yurij A. Miller “Caucasian Arms from the State hermitage Museum St. Petersburg” Page 81 Fig 24


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