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Fine and Unusual Dao Sword, Assam, North – East India

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Origin: Assam, N.E India

Date: 19 C.


The various tribes residing in Assam, North East India use several types of swords, including  long Dao swords, single edged, with square wide blade tip. Reminding in a way the blades of the Naga axes from the region.

The  sword offered here is most probably coming from this region.  Long heavy blade with thick spine and square cut and filed tip. The two handed handle is of special interest: cut and from a single tusk and deeply carved depicting twisted snakes. The grip is mounted with heavy steel pommel and collar.

Blade 14 1/2 inches (37 cm) long, 3/8 inches (11 mm) thick.  Total 26 1/2 inches (67 cm). Very good condition.  No scabbard. Authentic and rare, late 19 C. sword

For a similar sword see: W. Egerton ” Handbook of Indian Arms” P 84 Fig. 19 , item 242.


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