Fine and Rare Long Dagger from South Sudan. R Horn Hilt

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Origin: South Sudan

Date: Late 19 C.


This long dagger from the wide family of arm daggers is coming from South Sudan. Triangular long blade better described as a short sword blade of a  diamond cross section and with line engraved in a geometrical pattern. One piece rhino horn handle with down curving pommel tips and a long pommel spike. scabbard bound with a reptile skin, most probably a crocodile skin with a bulbous tip. Like many daggers from this region it is equipped with leather wide arm band.

Blade 17 inches long. Total length26 inches. Very good condition. Lightly chipped pommel tips. worn scabbard tip.

For a similar dagger with references to its origin see:  РAfrican weapons Рsword and knife page1
Pitt Rivers museum article 1884.24.249 .1


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