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Fine and Large Ottoman Hunting Triple Trousse

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Origin: Balkan, Ottoman empire

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


Ottoman trousses (Eating sets) are generally attributed to the Balkan region of the Ottoman empire. They usually includes two or three knives and forks combinations. Most of them are medium size up to 16 inches long. Few only are at the very large size as of the trousse offered here.

The fine large size hunting trousse shown bellow is Ottoman, may be of Albanian origin. Late 18 – early 19C, comprising three single-edged blades forged from good laminated steel. Brass bolsters  and bone grips with long flared ivory pommels.  Original wood scabbard with red velvet cover  and  very finely chased large size silver locket and chape.

6, 7 and 9 1/2  inches long blades. Total length in scabbard 21 inches. Very good condition. Complete and impressive set.



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