Fine and Large Khukuri Machete with Ivory Handle

Large Khukuri

15023 Category:

Origin: India

Date: mid 19 C.


The Legendary Khukuri (Kukri) was originated in Nepal in the end of the 17 C, and also spread to neighboring regions. Rapidly it was recognized as a very effective knife / machete. Its construction and balance made it a formidable weapon as well as a functional utility tool. The variety in sizes, quality and materials is endless.

The Khukuri offered here is a fine high quality exemplar. Heavy long blade forged from very good pattern welded steel. Massive single piece of ivory grip with silver bolster. Leather covered scabbard with finely chased silver mounts. This Khukuri is accompanied with a small knife (Karda) also with an ivory grip.

Blade 15 1/2 inches. Total length 20 1/2 inches. Very good condition.

The size, the blade construction the steel structure and the ivory grip may suggest an Indian origin. A fine mid 19 C. Khukuri.



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